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Japanese traditional painting....Ko-kutani

I did "Ko-kutani" work
Ko-kutani manifest a different style from other Japanese traditional pottery painting such as Kakiemon or Ko-imari..
Although there are only a few colors available, Ko-kutani is so powerful and an energy radiating from the colors can be felt.
The color "Kochi" is used in the process. Kochi is applied thickly .When fired it melts and looks like a glaze

Materials Colors: Kakiguro (Matt black),
Kochi/ Midori (Green). Ao (Blue), Murasaki (Lilac),
Ameiro (Ocher), kiiro (Yellow)
Medium: Water based or Nikawa(Glue)b0242305_151547.jpg

1,Outlining with matt black

1)The pattern on the porcelain is outlined with stabilo pencil.Carbon paper lining may repel the Kakiguro(Matt black), so stabilo pencil is recommended for outlining the design.
2)Paint the lines of the pattern with Kakiguro (Matt black)
3)Apply the various patterns or dots inside the design as you like (enjoy!).
Matt black lining hold Kochi well.
4)Apply the Kakiguro(Matt black) on the outer side of the plate in the same manner as the inner side.


☆Painting the outer side will make the plate so gorgeous.
First firing ・・・800℃
Caution: The lining of matt black may be removed if you scratch strongly even though it has been fired

2.Application of the Colorb0242305_1551880.jpg

Apply the color of your choice. Since there are only 5 colors, it is better to plan the application of each color to the area desired
Apply the color as thickly as you have never done before. (You rather pile on top, not paint.) The lines of matt black must be covered completely except the white area you want to leave white.

☆Don't forget to work on the outer side .034.gif
Second firing.....780℃(very slow)

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

b0242305_2257323.jpgIn Japan, we pray our happiness when
we see the first sunrise of the new year.
However, I didn't expect the sunrise
today because in the weather report of
2 or 3days ago,the sunrise of the new
years day is unexpectable cause of
cloudy day.

I heard the word "the sunrise......" from TV which was left on all night, then I jump out
of my bed room and saw up the eastern sky.
The sun was just coming up through the cloud!016.gif

I was impressed however I didn't expect such a scene, and I prayed to risingsun "this year will become lucky year"in my mind.

Soon after, we had first earthquake in Tokyo, intensity 3 level in my place.
I don't like earthquake any more!!!

Today, I stayed my house with my family, eat and drink, waching video and eat and
drink again.
We will go out for new year's calling and visit my family's grave tomorrow.

I don't want to measure my weight for a while.025.gif
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Happy New Year
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